Media Rights & Credentials

The Masters Cup events are owned and produced by the DeLaveaga Disc Golf Club, and held on public land.  As a participant, spectator or member of the media, you must be aware of your rights and responsibilities.  


Professional Use Media

All professional media personnel will need prior approval from the PDGA & Masters Cup tournament director to obtain a Professional Use Permit in order to cover any and all events associated with the Masters Cup.  We require this registration process to protect the interests of the Masters Cup, and any media professional that has obtained a Professional Use Permit.  All approved professional media personnel are required to check in prior to the event to pick up media credentials that must be worn during the event.  


Professional use includes:

- Publishing photos in a printed or online book, magazine, or newspaper.

- Using footage in a professional quality video.

- Displaying images on a non-personal website or in a gallery show.

- Using imagery in a documentary or TV show.

- Distributing media to any third-party group or publication. 


Personal Use Media:

Players and spectators are welcome to use photos, videos, and audio recordings obtained at the Masters Cup for their personal use only.  You may not directly monetize any media through paywalls or advertisements.


Personal use includes:

- Sharing with your friends via text message and personal social media such as Facebook.

- Displaying on personal websites as long as the websites do not sell any products or services.

- Posting to personal accounts on photo-sharing sites such as Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, etc,


The PDGA and DeLaveaga Disc Golf Club retain all rights to media produced at the Masters Cup events.  We will be working with several media partners to produce professional post-production content.